Stacarac (Up to 800kg/Unit)

Our made to order Stacarac range of plastic shelving offers hygienic heavy duty storage of up to 800kgs/unit UDL. Manufactured from non-porous hygienic PVC these units will never rust, rot or corrode and are resistant to moisture, salt, grease and acid. They are very easy to assemble by hand and pack flat for easy storage when not in use. They are very strong whilst also being lightweight, offering an ideal heavy duty storage solution for a wide variety of applications.

Our Stacarac range is available in 1 to 4 tier units through our website, however we can supply more tiers and bespoke designs on request. For more details please Contact Us


Available in a variety of colours, shelves, lengths, widths and as static or mobile units - simply choose your required length and then customise the specifications.

Stacarac (Up to 800kg/Unit)

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